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Estonia 100


Republic of Estonia will celebrates its Centenary.

The Organising Committee of Estonia 100 is working daily in the Government Office so that the most prominent and grand anniversary of our history will reach as many people as possible and will offer everyone a chance to actively participate

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Photo: Mihkel Maripuu


Jaanus Rohumaa
Head of the Organising Committee of Estonia 100
Margus Kasterpalu
Head of Major Events
Kristel Tuul
Toomas Kiho
Head of the Steering Group of Estonia 100
Tiit Pruuli
Member of the Steering Group of Estonia 100

    The anniversary programme of the Centenary of the Republic of Estonia covers almost all the main fields of life and will give the society an opportunity to look back on the history of our country, highlight the present and set new tasks for the future. To be ancient and modern at the same time, to hunger for knowledge and to believe in oneself. Besides various communities, citizens' associations and institutions, special attention is paid to children and young people.


    The Centenary of the Republic of Estonia is not compressed into one calendar year; it will let all anniversaries reach their 100 mark in due time. This means that there is no 365-day anniversary year, but rather a time period stretching over 3 years with festivities of various intensity on given occasions. The celebration of the Centenary of the country started in the spring of 2017, when 100 years passed from the time when the areas inhabited by Estonians in the Estonian and Livonian Provinces could be united. It reached its peak on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia on 24 February 2018 and will end on 2 February 2020.



    Governmental Committee of Estonia 100 has been formed for the suitable celebrating of the Centenary of the Republic of Estonia, headed by the Prime Minister and including the Minister of Education and Research, the Minister of Culture, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Secretary of State and the Head of the Office of the President of the Republic. The Governmental Committee runs the Steering Group of Estonia 100, headed by Toomas Kiho and also including Margus Kasterpalu, Tiit Pruuli and Jaanus Rohumaa, who is the head of the Organising Committee.


Last updated: 4 April 2019