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Coordinating body for the OGP is expecting proposals on the new Action Plan

29. March 2016 - 17:47
Coordinating body for the OGP is expecting proposals on the new Action Plan
Coordinating body for the OGP is expecting proposals on the new Action Plan

The coordinating body for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is expecting proposals on activities supporting the achievement of the priority objectives of the new Action Plan.

Based on the decision of the OGP coordinating body of the cooperation forum of the representatives of the state and non-governmental partners, the new Action Plan 2016–2018 will focus on increasing the openness of policy-making and citizen-centred public services. All participants are welcome to submit proposals on specific activities.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 April 2016 and the proposals can be submitted here. All proposals received on time will be submitted to the OGP coordinating body for consideration; the body will make a decision on the activities for the Action Plan 2016–2018 during their meeting at the end of April. The public consultation of the Action Plan will take place in May 2016.

Activities with the greatest social influence will be preferred during the consideration stage. Each proposed activity must be related to at least one priority area, based on the core values of the Open Government Partnership and have a clearly measurable result.

The OGP coordinating body was established in September 2014. It is comprised of representatives of the Government and non-governmental partners, including representatives of the Riigikogu, non-governmental organisations, employers, contractors and local governments.

The coordinating body is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the implementation of the Action Plan, providing recommendations to the participants, making decisions related to the OGP, as well as evaluating the implementation of the Action Plan and communicating widely the objectives and activities related to Estonia’s participation in the Open Government Partnership.

Estonia joined the Open Government Partnership in 2012 and it currently connects 69 countries. The OGP is an international initiative that aims to promote good governance across the world by harnessing new technologies. Open governance means exercising official authority honestly, transparently, and in dialogue with citizens. The countries that have joined the OGP commit themselves to follow the principles of open governance and develop an action plan in cooperation with the various participants.

Estonia’s OGP Action Plan 2014–2016 focuses on openness of policy-making process, budget transparency, and development of public services. In order to assess the implementation of the Action Plan, a self-assessment report as well as an independent assessment will be compiled.

Read more about the Open Government Partnership here:

Further information: Liis Kasemets, Adviser of the Strategy Unit of the Government Office, +372 693 5627, liis.kasemets[at]riigikantselei[dot]ee