Eero Raun is the next Director of Government Communication

28.12.2020 | 16:30

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As of 4 January of the following year, Eero Raun will begin work as the Director of the Government Communication Unit of the Government Office.

Eero has worked as the Head of Public Relations in the Bank of Tallinn, Eesti Ühispank, the Ministry of Finance, and the Office of the President. In the latter, he was the Public Relations Adviser to the President in 2003–2006. Since then, he has worked as an adviser to the Director General of the Estonian National Opera, the music adviser at the Ministry of Culture, and the project manager of export and manager of tourism marketing at Enterprise Estonia. In 2018–2020, he was the founding director of the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet.

“This extraordinary year has proven the importance of government communication in providing people with comprehensive and fast information on government decisions and coordinating the communication in case of a crisis. In addition, Government Communication is constantly obligated to explain the principles of structuring the Estonian state and the logic of the operations of authorities to the public,” Eero Raun said. “It is a way to establish trust in our country.”

Eero Raun has a master’s degree in social sciences and he has completed the social strategies of management curriculum at the Tallinn University. He has also studied in the Estonian School of Diplomacy and the Estonian Academy of Music.

The director of Government Communication was selected with an open competition, organised by the committee for recruiting top executives operating at the Government Office.

The tasks of the director of Government Communication include strategic management of government communication, organising the objectives and the activities of the government and the prime minister, and coordinating the cooperation between the communication units of government authorities. He also coordinates the strategic communication of national security and defence management.

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