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Government approves Open Government Partnership Action Plan

12. June 2014 - 12:27
OGP event in June 6 2014

In today’s session, the Government of the Republic approved Estonia’s action plan for participation in the Open Government Partnership for 2014-2016.  The new action plan focuses on the openness of the policymaking process, transparency of the budget and development of public services.

The Action Plan of the new government that took office in March entrusts the coordination of the OGP to the Government Office.

Secretary of State Heiki Loot, who was in charge of the process of drawing up the action plan, said that a partnership cannot be unilateral, which is why it is important that government institutions and non-governmental partners cooperate in the implementation of the action plan. “The projects included in the action plan will be performed well if they are designed and carried out in close cooperation and both sides accept responsibility,” Loot added.

The implementation of the action plan will be carried out on a stage-by-stage basis and several of the activities will be finalised by the end of the year along with the non-governmental partners. 

The Secretary of State will form a coordinating body of the Open Government Partnership that will consist of the secretary generals of ministries and representatives of non-governmental institutions, with the aim of monitoring the implementation of the action plan.

The Government Office has asked representatives of the Open Government round table of third sector organisations, the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, Estonian Cooperation Assembly, Praxis Center for Policy Studies, the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, the Estonian Trade Union Confederation, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Secretary Generals of the ministries of Justice, Economic Affairs and Communications, Finance and Internal Affairs to participate in the preparatory discussions for the action plan.

In cooperation with these partners, open policymaking processes including citizens, transparent budget and financial management together with citizen-centred public services were chosen as focus areas of the action plan.

Estonia joined Open Government Partnership (OGP) in 2012, which currently comprises 64 countries. OGP is an international initiative for promoting good governance all over the world using the opportunities offered by modern technology. Open Government means a fair and transparent execution of power in dialogue with citizens.

The countries joining OGP accept responsibility for upholding the principles of open government and developing, in cooperation with the third sector, a specific action plan, the development and implementation of which will be monitored both nationally and internationally.

Estonia’s action plan will be published along with those of other countries participating in the Open Government initiative on the Partnership’s homepage:

The action plan is available at

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