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Government Office announces a scholarship for researchers of work of Estonian heads of state

23. April 2014 - 13:57
Government Office in cooperation with the National Archives announces a scholarship "Estonian Heads of State 1918-1940/1944". By Estonian Victory Day, 23rd June, a 20,000 Euro scholarship will be given out for research on the life and work of Estonian heads of state.
The purpose of the scholarship is to support research in Estonian language on Estonian state elders and prime ministers from 1918-1940/1944. The scholarship can be applied for in order to study the life and work of Friedrich Akel, Ado Birk, Kaarel Einbund (Eenpalu), Jüri Jaakson, Juhan Kukk, Ants Piip, Otto Strandman, Jaan Teemant and Jüri Uluots.
The scholarship can be applied by any person who has experience in history related scientific research. In order to apply for the scholarship, one must submit an application, a curriculum vitae with personal and contact details, a list of written researches and publications, and a short justification with a research concept proposal, overview of the sources and a work schedule, to the National Archives by 4th June 2014.
A scholarship committee, consisting of science experts, will be formed by the state archivist to review the applications and to appoint the applicants who will be granted the scholarship. The recipient will be announced by the Government Office, by 23rd June.
The scholarship "Estonian Heads of State 1918-1940/1944" was founded by the Government Office in 2007. The manuscripts approved by the scholarship committee will be published in the series of Estonian statesmen's biographies, which was established by the National Archives.
In 2008, the scholarship was given to Professor Jüri Ant for exploring the work of August Rei, whose monograph "August Rei – Estonian statesman, politician, diplomat" was presented in 2012.
In 2012,Indrek Paavle got the scholarship to put together the academic biography of Otto Tief. The book is to be published in autumn of this year, 70 years after the constitution of Tief's government.
In 2013, two scholarships were granted: to Krista Aru for putting together the academic biography of Jaan Tõnisson, and to Toomas Karjahärm and Ago Pajur for putting together the academic biography of Konstantin Päts. The researches will be finished by 2018, when the Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th birthday.