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The Government Office has submitted the Open Government Partership Action Plan for public consultation.

10. May 2014 - 12:14
It was decided in the course of preparatory discussions concerning the Action Plan that the Plan would focus on the development of public services, inclusion in the process of policy-making and budgetary transparency. Based on these priorities, the Government Office mapped specific actions to be undertaken by Estonia over the next two years.
Secretary of State Heiki Loot, under whose direction the Action Plan is prepared, said that non-governmental partners played an important role in making governance more open. “The draft Action Plan was born out of cooperation between ministries, non-governmental organisations and representative organisations of the private sector. Now we are asking for feedback from all actors,” said the Secretary of State.
The Government Office invited to the preparatory meetings on the Open Government Partnership Action Plan the representatives from the Open Government Partnership Round Table, Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, Foundation Estonian Cooperation Assembly, Praxis Center for Policy Studies, Estonian Employers’ Confederation, Estonian Trade Union Confederation, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the chancellors of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Ministry of the Interior.
Estonia joined the Open Government Partnership in 2012; the Open Government Partnership now has 63 participating countries. The OGP is a multilateral initiative that aims to promote good governance across the world by harnessing new technologies. Open government means exercising official authority honestly, transparently and in collaboration with citizens.
The countries that have joined the Open Government Partnership have made a commitment to adhere to the principles of open governance and to deliver a National Action Plan with concrete open government reform commitments developed with public consultation. The development and implementation of the Action Plan is monitored, both nationally and internationally, within the Open Government Partnership.
The Action Plan of the new government that took office in March entrusts the coordination of the OGP to the Government Office.
After the public consultations, the Government Office will prepare a draft Action Plan, submit it for approval by the round table of ministries and non-governmental partners, which will be held at the end of May, and thereafter submit the Action Plan to the Government.
The new Action Plan is scheduled to be submitted to the OGP Support Unit by 15 June. 
The OGP Action Plan 2014–2016 is accessible on the website ; public consultation is open until 26 May.
For further information about the Open Government Partnership see, and about the development of the Action Plan see
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