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The Interim Report on the Implementation of the OGP Action Plan has been submitted to public consultation

14. September 2015 - 12:31
Photo: Tauno Tõhk
Photo: Tauno Tõhk

The Government Office submitted the Interim Report on the Implementation of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to public consultation.

The Interim Report provides an overview of the status of these activities that Estonia has promised to implement in its Action Plan for 2014–2016. The Interim Report is submitted to the Government of the Republic and then to the OGP Steering Committee for approval. The Government Office prepared the Interim Report in cooperation with the ministries coordinating the activities and the representatives of non-governmental partners.

The public consultation of the draft report on the implementation of the Action Plan lasts for two weeks, i.e. until 25 September 2015.

The Government of the Republic approved Estonia’s Action Plan for Participation in the Open Government Partnership for 2014–2016 on 12 June last year. The Action Plan focuses on the openness of the policy-making process, budget transparency, and the development of public services.

Estonia joined the Open Government Partnership in 2012 and it currently connects a total of 66 countries. The OGP is an international initiative in order to promote good governance in the world by using the opportunities arising from the development of technology. Open governance means exercising power honestly, transparently, and in dialogue with citizens. The countries that have joined the OGP commit themselves to follow the principles of an open government and develop a specific action plan in cooperation with civil society.

In order to coordinate the OGP activities, the Secretary of State set up the OGP coordinating body last September. This is equally composed of the representatives of the state and non-governmental partners. The whole task of the body is to monitor and coordinate the implementation of the Action Plan for 2014–2016, provide recommendations to the participants, and make partnership-related decisions. It also gives an assessment of the whole implementation of the Action Plan and contributes to reflecting the objectives and activities related to Estonia’s participation in the Open Government Partnership.

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Further information: Liis Kasemets, Adviser of the Strategy Unit of the Government Office, +372 693 5627, liis.kasemets[at]riigikantselei[dot]ee