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New Open Government Action Plan focuses on co-creation

2. October 2020 - 11:23

The Government has approved the Open Government Partnership Action Plan for the years 2020–2022, which among other things is searching for more efficient engagement solutions.

Three promises are given in the Action Plan, with six complementary actions planned to meet those promises. “The focus of the Action Plan is on co-creational policymaking,” said the Strategy Director of Government Office Henry Kattago.

“So far, we have mainly been used to talking about engagement, but over the years, engagement has taken on a certain negative connotation – the ones involved experience that the authorities consider this a formality and do not substantively consider the proposals that partners and interest groups have made,” he added. “In the Action Plan we are searching for new approaches to increase the capacity for co-creational policymaking, both in government agencies as well as in local governments.”

Action Plan will be implemented through the partnership between the state and non-government organisations. The implementation of the Action Plan will be monitored and coordinated by the Open Government Committee on Development (ARVAK), which is led by the Secretary of State.

Open Government Partnership is an international initiative, which Estonia joined in 2012. The purpose of the initiative is to increase the openness, transparency and people-centredness, and to use new technologies to do this.

Estonia’s purpose in participating in the partnership is to give more attention to Estonia’s quality of governance, to learn from the experience of other countries, and to share Estonia’s experiences with other participating countries.

The new Action Plan can be found at

Additional information: Ott Karulin, Adviser at the Strategy Unit of the Government Office, 693 5222, ott.karulin[at]riigikantselei[dot]ee