The Secretary of State had a third meeting with representatives of victims and their relatives of the MS Estonia disaster

18.12.2020 | 14:54

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15 December 2020 – On 14 December, the Secretary of State Taimar Peterkop met with representatives of Estonian organisations that represent the relatives of victims of the MS Estonia disaster. The meeting was also attended by Erki Kodar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Jens Haug, Director of the Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau.

“The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has initiated trilateral expert meetings with Finland and Sweden to discuss the legal issues concerning the MS Estonia agreement and its application in national law,” the Secretary of State said. The first meeting between the Estonian, Finnish, and Swedish ministries of foreign affairs was held on 9 December.

Jens Haug, Director of the Estonian Safety Investigation Bureau, gave the relatives of victims an overview on the initial assessment of the new circumstances by Estonian, Swedish, and Finnish safety investigation authorities which, in the current context, runs parallel with the preparations for government investigations.

“The safety investigation authorities of Estonia, Finland, and Sweden are independent and will account for the need for investigation themselves,” the Secretary of State stressed. He also added that legal issues concerning the investigation of new circumstances must be resolved by Estonia, Finland, and Sweden with respect to the potential future need for investigation by safety investigation authorities.

This was a third monthly meeting to inform relatives of the developments in the preparation of new investigations into the MS Estonia disaster.

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