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Urmas Seaver to start as the Director of Government Communications on 3 May

7. April 2017 - 16:41

Urmas Seaver, the successful candidate of an open competition, will take up his post as the Director of Government Communication on 3 May.

Urmas Seaver has been working as the Communication Manager at the Chancellery of the Riigikogu from the spring of 2014. Additionally, Mr. Seaver has worked as a journalist  for an extended period, including as the head of the Postimees’  news desk. Mr. Seaver previously graduated from Tallinn University with a degree in administrative management.

According to Urmas Seaver, it is important that the public receive prompt and detailed information on government activities, decisions and objectives. “It is equally important that these activities, decisions and objectives are explained clearly to the public,” said Mr. Seaver.

The duties of the Director of Government Communication include the strategic management of government communications, the organisation of the communication of the Prime Minister’s goals and activities, and the coordination of cooperation between the communication units of different government authorities. The Director also manages the Government Communication Unit.

The Secretary of State announced the competition for the post of the Director of Government Communication on 31 January this year. Seven applications were received during the competition, which was organised by the Top Civil Service Excellence Centre.