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Working group assembled for participating in statistical transfers in renewable energy trade

31. October 2017 - 12:22

A working group was assembled today at the Government Office to devise a plan by March next year for Estonia's participation in the EU’s statistical transfers of renewable energy in the future.

According to the Renewable Energy Directive adopted in 2009, by 2020, 20% of the energy consumed in the EU must come from renewable sources and member states may cooperate in order to meet their renewable energy goal. Estonia already meets its target and can export renewable energy to the European market, as well as contribute to the respective obligations of other countries. Estonia and Lithuania are the first EU member states to sell renewable energy statistics.

The task of the working group that will be meeting at the Government Office is to compile a list of those states that may be interested in meeting the renewable energy target by means of international cooperation, determine the potential projects and their estimated impact.

“Estonia has previously been successful in the sale of Assigned Amount Units (AAUs),” said Henry Kattago, Strategy Director of the Government Office. “While there are some special features in the statistical transfers of renewable energy, we have the opportunity of relaying on past experience and make preparations for participating successfully on this market as well,” added Kattago.

The working group is summoned within the framework of the Expert Forum of the Government Committee on Economic Development and is comprised of representatives of the renewable energy sector and the state. The activities of the working group are coordinated by the Strategy Unit of the Government Office.

Additional information: Triin Reisner, Adviser at the Strategy Unit of the Government Office, +372 693 5626, triin.reisner[at]riigikantselei[dot]ee