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17.09.2015|Government Office

The Commission for Sustainable Development sees need to improve the knowledge of the earth’s crust in Estonia

The meeting of the Commission for Sustainable Development focused on research-based investigation and planning of the earth’s crust in Estonia. According to the Commission, Estonia needs to be better informed about its earth’s crust in order to plan its use more efficiently. The participants of...
Photo: Tauno Tõhk
14.09.2015|Government Office

The Interim Report on the Implementation of the OGP Action Plan has been submitted to public consultation

The Government Office submitted the Interim Report on the Implementation of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) to public consultation. The Interim Report provides an overview of the status of these activities that Estonia has promised to implement in its Action Plan for 2014–2016. The Interim...
10.08.2015|Government Office

Estonia in the process of forming its EU perspectives

On the basis of political guidelines issued by the Government in April 2015, the European Union Secretariat of Government Office has initiated the development process of Estonia's European Union policy for the coming years. This goal-setting process, which involves all ministries and is being led...
14.05.2015|Government Office

Government approves renewed action plan of the “Estonia 2020” competitiveness strategy

Government approved the action plan of the “Estonia 2020” competitiveness strategy for 2015–2020. It is the National Reform Programme of Estonia for the implementation of the “Europe 2020” strategy, which was approved in 2011. The action plan is renewed annually each spring. “Estonia 2020” is...
05.03.2015|Government Office

Government approves updated action plan for Estonia's Presidency of the Council of EU

At today's session, the Government approved an updated version of the Action Plan for Preparations for Estonia's Presidency of the Council of the EU. The main updates concern personnel development and have been explained in detail in the Personnel Strategy. The updated Personnel Strategy...
27.02.2015|Government Office

OECD recommends improving the agility of government

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) presented a joint report on public governance and the development of cross-border digital government in Estonia and Finland, recommending that the government's flexibility in its use of resources be improved and the implementation of...
On the anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty, traditionally a memorial event is held at Jaan Poska Gymnaisum. Photo S. Annuk.
01.02.2015|Government Office

Estonia celebrates the 95th anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty with a flag day and memorial events

On monday, 2 February, 95 years will pass since Estonia and Russia signed the Tartu Peace Treaty. By signing the treaty Russia recognised Estonia’s independence and the War of Independence ended. This day will be celebrated in Estonia with a flag day, memorial events and concerts. On the...
08.01.2015|Government Office

The number of deaths due to injury in Estonia should be halved

Today, the Government Office submitted the results of the work done by a task force to the Cabinet meeting. The task force was established to coordinate the prevention policy for injuries and deaths due to injury. “The prevention of deaths due to injury is based on knowing that death due to injury...
06.01.2015|Government Office

Coordinating body for Open Government Partnership wishes to improve the information accessibility of policy-making

The coordinating body for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) that met today in Stenbock House wishes to improve the formulation stage in policy-making to enhance information accessibility.   The discussions among the coordinating body, which is comprised of representatives of the...
"Estonia 2020" competitiveness plan
06.01.2015|Government Office

Government Office summarises Estonia's competitiveness

The paper compiled on the initiative of the Strategy Unit and the EU Secretariat of the Government Office sees diminishing workforce as the largest problem in Estonia. "This is primarily a paper for policy designers," said Märt Loite, Deputy Strategy Director of the Government Office, who was in...