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Suur riigivapp
03.07.2014|Government Office

The Task Force to be created will begin to resolve eHealth problems

The Government decided at today’s session to set up an Estonian eHealth Task Force to operate within the Government Office, with the goal being to develop a strategic development plan for Estonian eHealth until 2020, along with a detailed implementation plan. “Estonia has achieved much in the area...
Margus Sarapuu
27.06.2014|Government Office

The new Director of Strategy of the Government Office is Margus Sarapuu

Margus Sarapuu will take up his duties as the Director of Strategy of the Government Office in September. Sarapuu was the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice from 2007; prior to this, he served as the Judicial Deputy Secretary General from 2002 and earlier as the Director of the Supreme...
Portrait of Kaarel Eenpalu at the Hall of the Heads of State in Stenbock House, painted by professor Enn Põldroos.
20.06.2014|Government Office

The scholarship for the research of the life and activities of the Estonian heads of state will be given to Ivo Juurvee

A scholarship in the amount of 20,000 euros, provided by the Government Office, will be given to historian (PhD) Ivo Juurvee for compiling an academic biography about Kaarel Eenpalu. The biography will be completed in 2017. “The Government Office wants to support the recording of the biographies...
12.06.2014|Government Office

Government approves Open Government Partnership Action Plan

In today’s session, the Government of the Republic approved Estonia’s action plan for participation in the Open Government Partnership for 2014-2016.  The new action plan focuses on the openness of the policymaking process, transparency of the budget and development of public services. The...
12.06.2014|Government Office

Government Office presented the results of the first Task Force to the Government

As a result of the work of the Task Force on combining the skills of people and labour market changes, every person in Estonia can soon evaluate their skills in a self-assessment online platform and find out what skills or knowledge they need to acquire to be more successful. In addition, the...
The collection “Iseseisvusmanifest. Artikleid, dokumente, mälestusi” (Declaration of Independence: Articles, Documents, Recollections)
23.05.2014|Government Office

Book released about one of Estonia’s most important documents

The National Archives of Estonia and the Government Office today presented in the Stenbock House a book about the history of the Estonian Declaration of Independence. The collection “Iseseisvusmanifest. Artikleid, dokumente, mälestusi” (Declaration of Independence: Articles, Documents,...
10.05.2014|Government Office

The Government Office has submitted the Open Government Partership Action Plan for public consultation.

It was decided in the course of preparatory discussions concerning the Action Plan that the Plan would focus on the development of public services, inclusion in the process of policy-making and budgetary transparency. Based on these priorities, the Government Office mapped specific actions to be...
The ending ceremony of the program for management talents in Stenbock House, 30th April 2014. Photo: Government Office
30.04.2014|Government Office

The first program for management talents ended successfully

Seven young people with talents for management have passed the first Estonian management talents program and will continue their work as civil servants.   The main objective of the program was to bring young and talented people to public service and to train them to be able to one day...
Preparatory meeting on the Open Government Action Plan 2014–2016. Stenbock House, 17 April 2014. Photo: Government Office
28.04.2014|Government Office

The Open Government Action Plan focuses on public services, engagement and transparency

The responsible body for the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan in Estonia is the Government Office. The Action Plan 2014–2016 focuses on the development of public services, engagement in the process of policy-making and budgetary transparency.   The new government that took...
23.04.2014|Government Office

Government Office announces a scholarship for researchers of work of Estonian heads of state

Government Office in cooperation with the National Archives announces a scholarship "Estonian Heads of State 1918-1940/1944". By Estonian Victory Day, 23rd June, a 20,000 Euro scholarship will be given out for research on the life and work of Estonian heads of state.   The purpose of the...