About Government Office

Government Office is a government institution established at the Government of the Republic and its function is to support the Government of the Republic and the Prime Minister in planning and implementing policy and ensuring good governance.

The head of the Government Office is Secretary of State.

Government Office:

  • supports the planning of the government’s work, organises and coordinates country’s strategic planning, prepares the government’s programme and coordinates its implementation;
  • prepares and organises government sessions and cabinet meetings;
  • ensures that the government’s draft legal acts are constitutional and in conform to other legislation;
  • coordinates the shaping of Estonia’s positions and advises and supports the Prime Minister in European Union affairs;
  • organises public relations for the government and the Prime Minister and internal public relations work related to the European Union;
  • advises the Prime Minister on national security, organises the work of the Government Security Committee and manages the coordination of national securtity and defence management;
  • advises and supports the Prime Minister in directing the work of the Research and Development Council;
  • organises recruitment, selection and development of top-level public servants.
  • Government Office also organises matters related to state and local government insignia and performs other obligations imposed on it by legislation and other legal acts.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is in charge of organising the work of the Government of the Republic and heads the Government Office. 

Stenbock House

Stenbock House – the Seat of Government and the Government Office of Estonia.


Contact Information of Government Office.


Organisational chart of Government Office of Estonia


Support services to the Government of the Republic and the Prime Minister

The Secretary of State is in charge of organising the work of the Government of the Republic and heads the Government Office. 

Prime Minister’s political staff advises and supports the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister’s Office is comprised of advisers and assistants to the Prime Minister who are appointed for the term of office of the Prime Minister.

Strategy Unit supports planning the work of the Government and coordinates the drawing up and carrying out of the Government’s action plan, as well as strategic development plans for increasing the country’s competitiveness and for sustainable development.

Government Secretariat is responsible for the preparation and organisation of the sessions and meetings of the Government and the supervision of the fulfilment of tasks given to ministers by the Parliament, the Government and the Prime Minister.

Legal Department makes sure that the draft legislation of the Government complies with the Constitution and laws.

The function of EU Secretariat is to coordinate the development of Estonia’s positions on issues relating to the European Union and the transposition of European Union legislation, as well as to advise and support Prime Minister in issues relating to European Union and in the preparation of European Council summits.

National Security and Defence Coordinaton Unit advises the Prime Minister on national security issues and organises the affairs of the Government Security Committee. The National Security and Defence Coordination Unit of the Government Office also manages the coordination of national security and defence management.

Government Communication Unit manages the public relations of the Government and Prime Minister and coordinates the development of administrative communication. Government Communication Unit organises national dissemination of EU-related information to Estonian public and manages issues related to state and local government insignia.

Top Civil Service Excellence Centre is engaged in the recruitment, selection, evaluation and development of civil service top executives.

Support Functions Department manages official protocol matters of the Prime Minister and Government Office; manages the personnel-related work of Government Office;  is responsible for budgeting in the scope of Government Office, as well as for managing the Government Office´s financial accounting; it guides accounting in the scope of Government Office;  ensures appropriate management of documents and records of Government Office, as well as the disclosure of information and the following of personal data protection requirements at Government Office; ensures the development and maintenance of information systems necessary for performing the tasks of the Government, Prime Minister and Government Office and is responsible for the management and maintenance of state assets in the scope of Government Office as well as for the provision of other support services set out in the statutes of the department.

Last updated: 01.10.2020